Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Annabelle Movie Review

For any of you scared of dolls (or enticed by them O.o) this movie is definitely for you!

Although not as good as the first movie The Conjuring, it acts as a really good prequel to it. Without giving too much away, strange occurrances begin happening around a doll known as Annebelle, which happened to be present during a murder that took place in 1969.

The main characters, John and Mia Form believe they throw the doll out after a savage murder occurs but Annabelle the doll keeps reappearing! In the beginning, the couple believed the doll was evil but it was not until later that they uncovered something even more sinister!

Here is the trailer for anyone interested:

Honestly, I preferred The Conjuring over Annabelle and actually found myself getting really bored during this movie. Sure, there were a couple of jump scares but there was little to no suspense. If you have watched other similar movies, you may even think of it as a 'copy-cat'; the movie itself uses ideas from other 'better' movies :/ I did not engage with the plot, nor the characters which made it worse - I found the two main characters really annoying and the acting was not great. It was also made all the worse by the anti-climatic and disappointing ending.

The back story of Annabelle was very briefly mentioned in the first movie, which made it sound deathly scary and creepy. The movie did not do the actual story justice though. This being said though, those scared of dolls and similar things would probably be creeped out! Horror is one of my favourite movie genres and this just did not take the cake for me!

Rating: 2/5 



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