Wednesday, May 18, 2016

BS: Top 6 Reasons You Should Get Off Your Phone!

Many a time we find ourselves spending countless hours on our phones and other devices. Below in no specific order, are my top 6 reasons why should you should put done your phone!

1. Being present

I think one of the biggest downsides to always being on your phone is the fact that we often do not live in the moment. Rather than experiencing something with friends and family, we miss it by checking our instagrams and other social media. Many times when I am out with friends I have found myself texting someone or posting a picture on Instagram whilst we are eating lunch or walking around. I now make an effort to not go on my phone when I am with other people and only use it to check the time or take photos. I can post them on instagram later.

2. Stimulates your brain

Research has shown that being on your phone at night before you go to bed actually delays and minimizes the level of melatonin produced. Melatonin helps relax your body and prepare it for sleep. The brightness of the screen really stimulates your brain. This stimulation is often increased when you play are game or watch videos. Try not bringing your phone to bed with you or even put it on the other side of the room so you don't use it. 

3. Socialize

So many people these days maintain their relationships with people via facebook or facetime, but rarely see each other. If you are able to, organise with them to actually meet up and talk face to face. Not only will this get you out of the house but you are also creating a new experience with that person that you can cherish. The people in my life who I am closest to I talk to over the phone but we also make the effort to catch up every now and again and to hang out. This is so important for all kinds of relationships!

4.  Procastination

Many people when they want to avoid doing what they know they need to, find themselves getting lost in the world of youtube or even starting conversations with friends. I am completely guilty of doing this - I do a lot of my uni work on my laptop and so tend to get distracted scrolling through my social media feeds and texting friends on Facebook. Just think, if you did not do this, the time taken to complete whatever you need to do will be reduced - you can spend longer surfing Facebook and Instagram later!

5.  Living in the real world

Rather than spending hours and hours watching videos of other people living their lives vlogs), why don't you start to live your own? I used to spend hours watching vlogs on Youtube and found myself feeling silly because I was spending so much time watching other people's lives unfold. Create new experiences for yourself and go on your own adventures. If you are in the position to, rather than watching other people go on holiday, go on a holiday yourself! You will feel so much more fulfilled when you start to live for yourself!

6. Health

Lots of research is constantly being done in relation to heart disease, obesity and other diseases and increased screen time; a strong correlation has been found with increased susceptibility to illness and increased screen time. Rather than spending hours lying on the couch listening to music, why don't you listen to music whilst you go for a walk or do some other activity. You could use going on your phone as a reward; do thirty minutes of exercise every day and and then go on your phone. This could also be done for other devices such as laptops, tablets and TVs.

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