Monday, May 2, 2016

President's Guide to Parks

Everyone needs to relax now and then, and none more than uni students. It’s week something now and assignments, placement and the looming threat of exam period is weighing on everyone’s head. But some fresh air and hopefully some fun with friends can help take your mind off, so this week in giving you a guide to parks near Berwick.

Obviously the one that first springs to mind is the one right next door. With all the rain recently the duck pond will soon be full and sparkling, so that’s nice. And in spring we get ducklings! Which can take anyone’s mind off uni for a few moments, as long as you stay away from the angry parent ducks. This park also has a relatively new skate park, which I am ambivalent about if I’m honest. Another quirk is the interesting pavement on the other side of the pond that is actually in the shape of Australia, with several tiles painted for the major cities. Interestingly enough, this is where I learnt to ride a bike.

Further along the road there is Pioneer Park, which is where Berwick Primary School used to be. This one has a lot of open sunny fields, good for actual sporty things, or less sporty things like Frisbee, whatever you’re into. It’s also got a pergola to do, pergola things in, and a playground, duh. There is also a café on the corner that seems to be quite popular.

Akonah Park is much larger, but is well known for hosting the Berwick Show as well as like every local school’s cross country. But it’s also got quite a few bushy paths to wander along, and Cardinia Creek runs through it so it’s much more naturey than others. There is also a football field and some tennis courts, but I’m not sure if visitors can use them.

The final big park in the area is Wilson Botanical Gardens. This place is on the site of the Berwick Quarry, which made the soil fertile. It’s got heaps of hills so it’s great for an exercise, and there’s a lookout at the top where you can see heaps from. On a sunny day the views are spectacular, both looking into the gardens and lakes, and looking out onto Berwick. They even do occasional events such as movies, but they’re probably more a summer thing.

Anyway, if you feel the urge to get away from it all, I’m sure you can find something relaxing to do in one of these. Enjoy.

Stephen Wynton

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