Wednesday, May 11, 2016

BS: Top 6 Tips For Getting Out Of A 'Rut'!

Can you believe there are only three weeks of Semester 1 left?!?! I feel like it went by so fast! Many of you are probably feeling like "yaaay, holidays are nearly here" whereas others may be thinking "how on Earth am I going to get through the next three weeks?" We all have down periods or 'ruts' where you feel stuck. Hopefully my 6 tips on how to get out of a rut will be of some benefit to you!

1. Admitting

The Key To Happiness Is Letting Each Situation Be What It Is Instead Of What You Think It Should BeAs cliche as it sounds, the first step
 is to admit you are in a 'rut'. Many people who feel stuck try to push through it and deny what they are feeling. Admitting and accepting that you need help or guidance is one of the first steps. Sometimes when I feel stuck, I become really moody and snap at those around me. Tell those close to you how you are feeling. It could be as little as feeling stuck on an assignment. Talking about the assignment with someone could give you some really valuable insight. 

I did this with my own mum the other night; I was completely confused as to what avenue to take on a geography assignment and she provided with with a lot of very valuable information that I took on board - she ended up really helping me decide on the side I wanted to discuss in my essay!

2. Be active

Do it for yourself! #gymtimegtd:

Sometimes if you feel stuck you tend to feel unsuccessful - doing something you can be proud of for doing could be the thing that turns your mood or mindset around. This could be as little as going for a run or walk or even just walking your dog around the block. 
When I used to get into down moods I would just lie in bed and feel sorry for myself when I had planned to work out. Pushing through this and completing a workout with my sister made me feel a whole lot better afterwards. I felt like I had accomplished something and in a way, felt more prepared for whatever was to come next!

3. To Do Lists

At times, you may not even be in a 'rut', you could just be feeling really overwhelmed. Writing down everything you wish to accomplish can really help you to focus! Even if it as simple as go grocery shopping, manually ticking it off your list after having completed it can give you strong feelings of accomplishment. Accomplishment is something I feel is really important to attain when you are in a 'rut' as I feel, (for me at least) it can give you the spark you need to persevere! 

4. Redefine 'happiness'

Choose to be Happy Everyday! This tip is based off an article I read 
and have started to try to live by. Reading thousands and thousands of positive quotes online is only so good - you need to begin to live for yourself and practice what you preach! I have to admit, I am guilty for not doing this; rather than simply repinning your favourite quotes, why don't you start trying to live by them?? So many people feel that the only way to be happy is through other people but at the end of the day, you came in this world by yourself, you will leave the world by yourself too! 

You need to begin to find happiness in yourself and begin your journey to do so - this journey differs for everyone; there is no 'right' way! 

5. Set your priorities

the choice is yours.: One of the questions to ask yourself when you are in a 'rut' is to ask if you feel stuck because of those around you or because of yourself? Many people, especially students, feel a lot of pressure from their parents and begin courses that they, deep down, do not want to do. This is not the way to live at all. You can't live your life for other people instead of yourself. What I would suggest doing is to stop and evaluate your priorities. What is it that you really want to do? 

Even if you feel like it is unattainable, dedicate your time to trying to achieve it. Trust me, you will feel so much more happier and accomplished from doing so!

6. Live in it for a bit

I know, you are probably thinking, "WTF!" but hear me out! Rather than doing whatever you can to get out of your 'rut', why not explore your feelings for a bit. Try to assess where you stand and what you want out of life. Sometimes, just sitting there and pondering, rather than running around like a headless chook can be the most beneficial. This sort of links back to my first tip about accepting it - it is okay to feel how you are feeling. Everyone does at some stage in their lives and you are definitely not alone. 

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