Sunday, February 21, 2016

O'week Schedule

So we have got a lot of stuff planned for you this week, so rest assured you won’t lack for reading material while your partying studying, or having panic attacks about your future, so here’s our schedule:

·       Monday: Later on we’ll have the first in Bec’s regular segment: “Bec's Six” this week is study apps.

·       Tuesday: In the morning we have an O'week guide done by MUBS own Emma, then we have the first of my regular segment: “President’s Guide” this week I will talk about Monash Berwick University.

·       Wednesday: We have the second of Bec’s regular segments: “Bec’s Reviews” imaginative I know, this week she will review Call of Duty: Black Ops 3, later on we have the “Creator’s Corner” where people can promote their creative works, but since you just heard about it we will be supplying our own creative piece for O’week.

·       Thursday: We introduce Aimee’s regular segment: “Aimee’s Book Corner” in which she talks about all things literature, this week: Between the Lives.

·       Friday: We have Jack reviewing the O’week party, which I hope you’ll all attend!

Beyond that we will be uploading any photo’s we take, or any you submit if you want to, and we’re always looking for more writers so feel free to volunteer.

And if you want to see anything different, or have any questions about our segments feel free to ask.


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