Thursday, February 25, 2016

Party Review: O'week Beach Party by Jack Taylor

2016’s beach party started in the usual fashion, with plenty of pre-party stress and it seeming like nothing was going to plan. The weather forecast wasn’t looking promising, the spas were nowhere to be seen, and of course the inflatable pool had holes in it. Regardless of this through sheer will of the team everything came together in the end, the drinks were ready, the spas and jelly wrestling pool were in place and we were all ready to party!

This year’s party drew roughly 80 people, slightly smaller than previous years but nonetheless the atmosphere was positive with plenty of new students in the mix. This year we went with a new food, hiring the Burglary food truck to cater for the event, which was a resounding success with their Heisenburger being a hit. The favourite drink of the night was the frozen margaritas from our good looking bartender Jill, which were particularly potent in tequila.

When it came to 10:30 it was time to roll out the star attraction of every beach party, the jelly wrestling. The involvement in this year’s wrestling was phenomenal with old favourites joining in, as well as new students. The showdown began with favourites Tom Morrall and Ollie Dolbey, with Ollie emerging victorious and going on to win many more matches. One of the favourite moves seen in the night was between myself and Tom, with a classic legs around the neck and a body slam, with the both of us walking away with our necks unbroken. 

The spas got a good workout throughout the night with both being consistently full of party-goers, keen for a soak while drinking a cool beverage. The party started to die off around midnight before finally wrapping up around 12:30. Stay tuned for announcements for the next one!

Jack Taylor

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