Monday, February 29, 2016

President's Guide to Fountain Gate

         So anyone who lives anywhere near Narre Warren has been to Fountain Gate at least 100,000 times, and me more than most because not only is it the closest shopping centre but I also work there, god save me. But I won’t talk much about my work beyond mentioning that if you like Coles, there’s one here.
         Fountain Gate has undergone a lot of renovations through the years, and the most recent has been one of the best, adding a much needed JB-HIFI, Myer, and my new favourite store, Zing. With the ABC shop now closed it’s the best place to get stupid pop culture merchandise, sorry Gamesworld.

          The food court isn’t the largest but it’s definitely big enough, with places to get Dumplings, Italian food, and Oporto (chicken burgers that are actually made of chicken) as well as the usual Maccas, KFC and Hungry Jack’s. Closer to the cinemas you can find more restaurants, Schnitz, Pancake Parlour and Nandos are some of the more popular ones.Speaking of the cinemas Fountain Gate boasts a sizable Village Cinemas with several V-max and Gold Class cinemas, even it is a tad expensive.

Outside of the main building there are several useful stores like Office Works and Bunnings, as well as Casey ARC, the swimming pool and gym. Casey ARC has some great swimming pools, a wave pool that also has several fountain-type things that go off at regular intervals, a toddler pool, and slightly-larger-but-still-small kid’s pool. And of course the regular big pool either for doing laps or seeing how far you can walk on your tip-toes in the deep end.

So no matter what you’re looking for I’m sure Fountain Gate has it, or something like it, hopefully. Well the only way to find out is to come down and check it out, it’s in Narre Warren next to Princes Highway


Stephen Wynton

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