Thursday, February 25, 2016

Week 1 Schedule

Ink dials it back a bit from now on as classes start we’ll all be busy, but we’ll make sure you don’t lack reading material, so long as you keep reading, so here’s our schedule for week 1:

·       Monday: This week Bec gives us all well-needed advice with “6 Tips to Help You Beat Procrastination.”

·       Tuesday: More well-needed advice as I show you around our local shopping centre in “President’s Guide to Fountain Gate.”

·       Wednesday: Bec’s reviews cover the often zany game “Sims 4.”

·       Thursday: In Aimee’s regular segment: “Aimee’s Book Corner” she will be review the book that started a movie series: the Maze Runner.

·       Friday: Nothing but week 2’s schedule unless somebody else has a new piece they’d like to share.

Beyond that we will be uploading any photo’s we take, or any you submit if you want to, and we’re always looking for more writers so feel free to volunteer.

And if you want to see anything different, or have any questions about our segments feel free to ask.


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