Sunday, March 20, 2016

BS: Top 6 'Study Breaks'!

We have all been in one of those ruts where you have studied your butt off and you just need a break. Whether it be for a couple of days, or just for every hour or so of studying, it is healthy to have a break! I am here to tell you that it is more than okay to take a break, and I am even going to give you some fun suggestions for what you could do!

Meet up with a friend 

The key to this is to actually get out of the house (or just away from where you have been studying). Call up a friend and meet them for a coffee or even do a little bit of window shopping for a couple of hours. If all of your friends are busy then take yourself out for a coffee and buy yourself something nice. A good tip is to not use whatever you buy until the end of the day when you have finished doing what you need to do. I do this when I buy books because I know once I open it, I am not putting it down for the rest of the day!

Have a shower

I don't know about you but when I have been sitting on my butt for what feels like an eternity, I tend to feel lazy, sluggish and messy. Usually (like yesterday) I got out of bed, through on some leggings and a jumper and sat at the dinner table for hours. I did not put any makeup on or do my hair :/ Take a nice, hot shower; maybe even use your favourite body wash! Take time to give yourself a little pamper sesh - these are not just for the ladies - guys can do this too! It is so refreshing after a long study session to have a shower and then get back into the swing of things!

Get active

Even if you are by no means active or are shaking your head at this tip. It is honestly soooooo good! I have a treadmill at home and workout with my sister everyday so I know at certain times of the day I will be active. If weights, cardio and pilates are not your thing, trying creating a playlist of your favourite songs and go for a walk around the block. Even walk your dog if you have one (or three or four!). If you are really stuck for time there are thousands of videos online that go for about 5 minutes - Blogilates and Lucy Wyndham Reid are my faves - it will get you out of your chair or off the couch for a short amount of time!


I know it sounds boring, but why don't you clean your room or vaccuum the house while listening to music? It will get you up and out of your chair and you will also be listening to your favourite music! I am a clean freak so am constantly cleaning my room! Even go out with your mum or dad and help them with the groceries! These little things you could do in your breaks get you up and moving and necessary! Instead of sitting there and stressing for ages after a lifetime of studying, walk away from it all for a little while and do other things!

Catch up on your fave TV shows!

This one I was a little hesitant to put down as many people (myself included) spend a lot longer than anticipated watching TV or movies! Why not watch an episode of your favourite TV show after every 90 minutes of studying? The times are obviously completely up to you - it could be 40 minutes if you really don't think you can handle an hour! haha. Knowing that after a certain amount of time you will be watching the latest episode of Pretty Little Liars or IZombie will motivate you - the time will fly by!

Food / Coffee Break

The simplest and probably the most important is to schedule times for food and drink! I for one love my coffee so this is an absolute must with me! One thing I have found really helpful is to eat as soon as you start feeling hungry. Don't say to yourself "I will eat after I finish reading this chapter" as nine times out of ten it will make it seem a lot longer and you will get grumpy. If you are feeling hungry and your stomach is rumbling, your body is telling you it needs fuel; so give it fuel! Without it, you will not study to the best of your ability!

I hope these tips have given you some inspiration for what to do in your study breaks! For this post I was trying to steer clear of social media due to the fact that it is so easy to get distracted and be on it for hours! Feel free to comment any study 'breaks' you like to have! See you all Wednesday for my Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Review!

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