Monday, March 14, 2016

President's Guide to Berwick Main Street

          If you follow Clyde Road away from the freeway you’re going to at least pass by Berwick Main Street, or High Street, or The Village, or whatever else the crazy kids are calling it these days. If you grew up here like me you probably spent a lot of time there, and for a good reason.

          It may not have the shops and size of Fountain Gate but it’s got a nice mixture of restaurants, milk bars, and small business for it to be worth the trip. Not to mention it’s got the Berwick Inn, the local pub, which holds different events throughout the week. Wednesday’s Trivia, which me and my friends do every week. On Friday it becomes “Bezza” a night club, which is, well, it’s alright, I guess.

          As for restaurants it’s got Shanika’s for Italian, Maine for a basic “nice restaurant” Eighty-One as a wine place, and heaps more. It’s also just opened its own Coles, which is naturally on the other side of its rival Woolworths, which had had a bit of a head start.

          Also in the center section, along with several rather impressive trees, are some statues. Edwin Flack, as Australia’s first Olympian and their first Gold Medallist, grew up in Berwick, so you might hear his name a lot, or see his statue. There is also the ANZAC… shrine? I’m unsure what the proper term is.

          In any case if you’re curious about what’s down the road I hope I both sated and piqued your curiosity.

Stephen Wynton

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