Wednesday, March 30, 2016

President's Guide to Fast Food

Obviously a staple of the Uni Student’s diet is fast food, so I’m going to give you a rather quick guide to what’s on offer around Berwick.

So the first thing that comes to mind for obvious reasons is Maccas, there’s one across from Uni for Christ’s sake. Many mornings have been spent rushing through there on my way to catch a shuttle bus from Clayton, or Fridays when Oscar’s is closed, or at night after a party when at least 9/10ths of the group have trouble actually making it there. But if you are looking for another venue, either because you made a fool of yourself or because you don’t want people to know how often you eat there, there is one further down Clyde Road, and one near, as well as one inside, Fountain Gate.

KFC is another classic, the most common one for me is the one just off Princes Highway across from the police station. You’d be surprised how few policeman you will actually spot there. Or there’s also one further down Clyde Road.

I don’t eat at Hungry Jack’s often but if you want there is one near Castello’s on Clyde Road and another outside of Fountain Gate.

And finally there’s Red Rooster, which I hardly ever eat, but I know there is one near Fountain gate, so if that’s your thing knock yourself out.

So have fun and remember in all things: moderation, moderation, moderation.

Stephen Wynton

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