Friday, April 1, 2016

Week 5 Schedule

With so we’ve all returned to Uni for Survival Week! Yay! Yay? Well whether you’re celebrating or dreading what’s ahead we have something for you to read while you’re doing it. And remember guys, your mental and physical health is more important than your grades:

·       Monday: Bec Top Six Motivations remind you of why exactly you are doing this to yourself.

·       Tuesday: The President’s Guide to Fast Food will either make you love or hate me.

·       Wednesday: Bec’s reviews tackle both a movie and a game this week with Insidious and Bioshock 2

·       Thursday: Aimee’s Book Corner tells us all about Eragon.

·       Friday: Nothing but week 6’s schedule, week 6 will be a special week to celebrate Supanova, so we hope to see you there.

Beyond that we will be uploading any photo’s we take, or any you submit if you want to, and we’re always looking for more writers so feel free to volunteer.

And if you want to see anything different, or have any questions about our segments feel free to ask.


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