Monday, April 25, 2016

BS: Top 6 Youtube Channels to Help You Study!

As a uni student, I have found myself studying content and terminology for countless hours but with still little solid understanding at the end. Because of this, I love to watch youtube videos as I go as it provides a visual representation of the content I am studying and puts it into context. Below, in no specific order, are my top 6 youtube channels for studying!

I honestly cannot recommend this channel enough. Many different topics on this channel are taught by different people, including Hank Green who is John Green's brother. The videos are very colourful, engaging and interesting! I would not rely on this youtube channel as your sole study option for your unit but it is a very good resource for before, during and after studying for a basic understanding. 

TEDx Talks

I have found this channel very helpful for my teaching units as the channel offers a lot of teahcing related talks that I have found very beneficial. The guest speakers are usually from certain fields and have experience in what they are discussing. Some of the speakers are hilarious and really engage you!


Like CrashCourse, every week various topics are explored by Hank Green and another speaker in a very interesting and engaging way! The thing I love about these channels is Hank's voice. I don't know what it is about him but he is just so easy to listen to. I also really like all the animations that are used when discussing various topics and subjects!



There are many people who present the videos on this channel. It is mainly a channel about scientific topics relating to the Earth. The thing I love about these videos is they are quite short, only a couple of minutes, and they are very engaging! 

 CGP Grey

CGP Grey
This channel is good in that it offers a wide range of videos on all different things; from the Lord of the Rings mythology to videos on technology and European cities. They have something for everyone! I wouldn't say this channel is effective for uni courses but it is pretty good for random facts and information you never knew you needed!

Similar to CGP Grey, Veritasium offers hundreds of videos on all different random topics and provides facts and information on things that are not normally explored or even mentioned in normal classes. This is more of a channel to watch for your own benefit, rather than for a specific unit of work.



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