Monday, April 18, 2016

President's Guide to Good Food

So if its payday, a birthday, the start or end of uni, or your just sick of Maccas there are several other great places to get good food around Berwick, even if they are sometimes more pricey.

If you’re still worried about your bank account the Berwick Pub on Main Street is a good place to go for cheap(er) meals, but its selection can be quite small. Until recently I would have suggested CafĂ© Lucia (previously Sophia’s) for cheap food, with ok quality and enormous quantity, but for reasons I do not know they closedL. That restaurant was the go-to restaurant for pseudo-classy get togethers, I even had my 18th birthday there.

On the more pricey side of main street is Shanikas, Eighty One and Main, which serve great food (Shanikas is the best!) for a bit more concerning prices. There are other restaurants in that area too, like the Chinese Place (the name alludes me) and Berwick Thai but I haven’t eaten there as much.

Moving on to Narre Warren Fountain Gate has quite a few restaurants near the cinemas include Schnitz, Pancake Parlour, Grilld and Nandos. And last but not least, I down Clyde road there is a fantastic pizza place called Pizzafellas, which are fantastic, heaps of toppings. So whatever you’re looking for I’m sure you can find it somewhere near Berwick.

Stephen Wynton

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